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GoSmart Business

The GO-smart business is an evolution of the 70 year old GORO business which was specialized in fasteners for mining.

GO-smart ranks now number 2 in this field worldwide.
GO-smart works in three market segments: mining and heavy-duty process industries, agriculture, light-duty and food processing industries. GO-smart specializes in all functions required in the conveyor system to ease its operation and maximize its lifetime and minimize its downtime. Such functions are:

1. jointing rolls of conveyor belts

loading materials on the conveyor belt

3. cleaning the conveyor belt

4. identifying the rolls of conveyor and elevator belts

1- Jointing rolls of conveyor belts

There are three techniques to joint rolls of conveyor belts:
1) using uncured splicing material and then use a press for vulcanization (in case of rubber) or for fusion (in case of PVC)
2) using cold glues
3) using mechanical fasteners.

GO-smart supplies:
1) splicing materials
2) cold glues
3) mechanical fasteners

1.1 Splicing materials for hot splicing

We store in France rolls of splicing material in cold storage and we are able to supply splicing material according to your requirements.

1.2 Glues for cold splicing

A range of glues is available.

1.3 Mechanical fasteners

Go smart is the new name for GORO
For more information: see the website
The range includes:
1) heavy-duty mechanical fasteners for the mining, quarries and heavy-processing industries
2) specialized fasteners for agriculture and round –balers
3) Light-duty mechanical fasteners for the light-duty food industries and for the packaging industries.

Tools for joining of the belts

In complement of its range of fasteners, GO-smart offers machines to install the fasteners (with hammer, with lever LEVERMATIC or hydraulic H-MATIC),

Hammer Levermatic H Matic

as well as tools to facilitate the work of the splicing teams (belts cutters, belts skivers…):

Belt Cutter

2- Loading material on the conveyor belt

There are different methods to minimize the effect of the kinetic energy due to the downfall of material on the conveyor belt:
1) by providing special rubberized idlers
2) by providing an impact station with impact absorption bars
3) or by using other methods.

3- Cleaning the belt

There are different technologies for cleaning the belt, avoiding carry-over while minimizing the damage of the rubbing effect on the belt and on the joint.
One of the technologies is the use of a belt cleaner with tungstene, polyurethane or ceramic blades.

4- Identifying the rolls of conveyor and elevator belts

The different rolls of conveyor and elevator belt can be equipped with RFID (Remote Frequency Identification Device) technology to identify them.




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