Mossier Business
Mossier Business

The MOSSIER business includes:

1) a range of hydraulic presses for jointing of heavy-duty rubber and PVC textile and rubber steel-cord belts. It is the “UNIK range”.

The “UNIK range” is an automatic vulcanizing hydraulic press, very light, fully detachable, transportable press built with aluminium platens for vulcanization of joints and repairs of textile and steel-cord conveyors belts of all thickness.
M A X W I D T H mm. 2400

Temperature control: Digital automatic independant in the platens, by electronic thermoregulators

Cooling system by circulating water in the platens (option)


2) a range of “C-press” for spot repair of rubber belts and edge reshaping



For more details please consult the commercial brochures




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Mossier Business

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